We test cars and both Class 5 and Class 7 vehicles; we can test your Motorhome (up to 4000kg’s) and private passenger vehicles with 13 or more passenger seats. We offer a free retest up to 10 working days later.

As in all we do, when MOT testing we aim to give our customers the best possible service and are never looking to undertake unnecessary extra work when we carry out your test. We test to the exacting standards that DVSA set which is the minimum standard your vehicle needs to pass its annual test.

If your car needs its headlamp aim adjusted or a new bulb we will carry this out at no extra cost except, of course, the cost of the bulb.

Many cars fail their tests for simple reasons that can be easily avoided. By following our "Tips to Passing" your car will have a better chance of getting through its MOT first time.